Plant Based Creations By Ink And Ocean Botanicals

Welcome to Ink and Ocean botanicals!

Here, you will find my nature filled botanical offerings made in small batches or made to order. All of my products are vegan, halal, alcohol free and 100% plant based and designed to be gentle and have positive skin care benefits. The range includes facial serums, beard oils, aromatherapy candles, incense, natural diffusers, botanical perfumes, massage oils and aromatherapy roller blends.”

Each item is mindfully made in the old fashioned way before chemicals were introduced to imitate nature. My perfumes are made using techniques that go back to Ancient Egypt. I love botanical scents that live and breathe, therefore only plant alchemy will do, no artificial fragrances, and no natural isolates.

Like many of us, I have always adored being in the company of plants, flowers and trees. As a child, my parent’s small garden was a place of solitary enchantment, and somewhere to feel completely content, and create nature scented objects with petals, leaves, and bits of fallen twigs for imaginary little beings that dwelled among the plants.

As an adult, I initially trained as a florist and worked with flowers, until life took me to motherhood and other paths. My interest in natural products came about whilst searching for alternative remedies for minor ailments. At the time I was studying Near East archaeology and discovered herbs and flowers mentioned in ancient texts. Researching the plants and flowers, then led me to the wonderful world of flower essences and aromatherapy. Wishing to learn more, I studied the vibrational therapy of flowers and then went on to study aromatherapy and perfumery. I am currently on a path to study Greco Arab (Unani) medicine, and hope to continue to seek knowledge wherever it can be found.                               

Salam (peace) and warm wishes