Monthly Archives: November 2023

Winter Garden

The intending depth of winter infers us to look inwards, to reflect, and feels drawn to the warmth of indoors. Those of a melancholic constitution, may feel this need with more severity, with feelings of sadness and maybe even loss. Uplifting essential oils I like to use includes orange and bergamot, cinnamon to add cosiness, and black pepper to lift sluggish spirit.
However the garden right now is not lifeless, it is transiently quite, and looking inwards as nature intended. Peeled back, the energy within the roots of the plants gently brew for the preparation of spring. There is internal life and light still, and the moments spent outside in between the dappled light, and the colours of gold, browns and fawnlike beige are beneficial places for contemplation.
I do not weed – at all, merely sweep up the leaves from the slabs. Otherwise all is left to fall, grow and decay as it wishes. Images below are from my garden right now.