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Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

Taking a very brief trip to visit my sister in Amsterdam, I was keen to visit the Botanical Gardens (Hortus Botanicus) situated between two canals in the Plantage district, with various types of green houses from tropical rain forest to a dry desert cactus house, and a butterfly house. Its not as big as Kew gardens London, therefore a couple of hours is all you need to get through, but certainly a gem.

It was established in 1638 by the city municipality as Hortus Medicus, a herb garden with medical plants for Amsterdam doctors and pharmacists. The reasons for establishing a specialised medical garden was at that time, the cities of Leiden and Utrecht experienced the plague epidemic 1634-1637.

Today the Hortus Botanicus has more than 4000 different plant species including a 154-year-old water lily which opens its flower every night around dusk and a centuries old agave cactus that dates back to the Roman era! Also a 300 year old beautiful Eastern Kape giant Cycad. The atmosphere is relaxed, and not very much tourists around, so can be lovely and tranquil. Lots of places to sit and think. Great little garden themed shop too.